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I-CODE SLi-X Laundry Tags

I-CODE SLi-X Laundry Tags

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I-CODE SLi-X Laundry Tags

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I-CODE SLi-X Laundry Tags

This High Frequency, encapsulated, XIUCHENG Laundry Tags are compliant with the ISO/IEC 14443A, ISO/IEC 15693 standards. The rugged Encapsulated Transponder is designed and tested (IP 68 rating condition: water pressure 45 bars, 10 hours) for applications that require a ruggedized transponder that can withstand harsh environments.

Frequency: HF (13.56 MHz)

Housing: PPS

Environment: Clothes

Environmental Resistance: Water IP68, Industrial Laundry Detergent,

Mounting: Embed

Size: ø13mm, ø15mm, ø18mm, ø20mm

Thickness: 3mm

Operating Temp.: -25oC to +90oC

Peak Temp.: +160¡ãC (50 hours), +220¡ãC (30 seconds)

RFID Laundry Tags

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